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Lisa L

Lisa Leavitt, LDA, has been with the Smiles by Stylos Team for over 20 years. She finds her true happiness and joy by serving people. This is why dentistry is such a passion for her. During her time in our office, she has helped thousands of lives with her upbeat, caring, and enthusiastic personality. Her keen and talented eye for dental esthetics has been an invaluable resource in creating patient smiles that light up their inner beauty as well as the room!  

When not taking care of patients, Lisa enjoys exploring new beaches whether near home or her new personal passion- Traveling! She especially loves it when she can share it with her family and friends.  

She is very fond of telling anyone who will listen that she is a BIG FAN of furry friends too! She has a passion for animals, especially dogs.

Besides enjoying the ocean, she also likes exploring nature and being outside as much as possible in her spare time.

Once you meet Lisa you will know why and more importantly feel the same spark and enjoyment she has had since starting her Dental Assistant career. As Lisa says” I still enjoying helping others with their dental care and that is Getting Stronger because of being with my Smiles by Stylos Family!”

Her favorite movie: “Legends of the Fall”.

Her favorite musical genre: “Country & Gwen Stefani”.

Her dream dinner date:” Blake Galvin & Gwen Stefani”