In hygiene we are constantly looking to find ways to make your visits more meaningful and comfortable! Recently we have introduced the AIRFLOW® Therapy System to the office with Great Success!

This system combines a gentle stream of water and fine polishing partials that gently and quickly remove the sticky, bacteria loaded BioFilm layer that when left on the teeth becomes the dangerous plaque which infects your teeth, gum and then enters into your bloodstream to infect all of your major organs!

AIRFLOW® Therapy is very comfortable and fast. It removes most of the plaque so in most cases very little hand scaling or instrumentation is needed. Once patient has had an AIRFLOW® Therapy experienced they never want another hygiene visit without it!

Airflow Therapy Dental Chelmsford
Airflow Therapy Dental Chelmsford, MA

What is Biofilm?

BIOFILM is a colony of bacteria that has clustered together and attached to a surface. Even though it is a scientific term, biofilm is found in your everyday life - usually in areas with moisture.

Why Biofilm is a concern?

Biofilm, commonly known in dentistry as plaque, is always forming on teeth. Even when it is removed, it is not gone for long. Managing dental plaque/biofilm is an ongoing endeavor. Without active removal from tooth surfaces, biofilm accumulation can escalate to varying degrees causing potential infection and inflammation - leading to oral diseases and eventual tooth and implant loss.

Why Biofilm is a concern?

How does your dentist's office treat and remove Biofilm?!

Good news! Your dental office has invested in AIRFLOW® Therapy - a cutting edge technology designed to gently, quickly and thoroughly remove biofilm. Polishing and stain removal will still take place during your appointment, with the added therapeutic benefits of complete biofilm removal leading to better clinical outcomes.

Why is air-flow therapy right for me?

IT’S SAFE: AIRFLOW® Therapy is gentle on the enamel of natural teeth, gum tissue and restorative and bonding materials, so it won’t cause damage to any surfaces. It is also an FDA-cleared technology, so extensive research & testing has been done on the safety of both the device and associated powders.

IT’S COMFORTABLE: The spray mixture does all the work. With the fine grain powder, it just feels like water is being sprayed on the gums instead of a chunky, gritty material you might expect (and dislike) during your cleaning.

IT’S EFFICIENT: AIRFLOW® Therapy requires just 5 seconds per tooth to work its magic, compared to 30 - 60 seconds for other methods. Additionally, using AIRFLOW® to remove all biofilm first will reduce the time spent using other instrumentation to remove stains and hard deposits, making your preventive cleaning appointment a more positive experience.


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