Have you ever had the misfortune of having frequent cold sores or “aphthous ulcers”? Have you considered cold sore laser therapy?

These painful lesions can occur inside the mouth (tongue, inside of the cheek, the floor and roof of the mouth) as well as the outside along the lip. These sores are caused by viruses that have entered your body at some point through a cut or other opening. They are usually in hiding, living within a nerve branch until the conditions are right for them to come out and cause trouble!

Why do we get cold sores?

When a person is healthy, their immune system keeps these bad actors in check. However, when the immune system is weak, stresses of many kinds will allow these viruses to travel down the nerves they live in and cause painful sores. These sores are usually raised white bumps with a red border and very different from the surrounding tissue area.

What are some cold sore symptoms?

Some people know they are coming on because they get an “aura” or signal of a “pins and needles” feeling. This can be triggered by being run down in general, high anxiety, stressful situations, foods, sunlight and seasonal changes, to name a few. Some folks have no idea that they are going to get one until the pain starts.

How long do cold sores take to heal?

These sores usually take 7-14 days to completely heal. The worst days are the first few when the immune system is gearing up to fight back these attackers. If you suffer from these, they can vary infrequency to once in a while to weekly! In the past, over the counter ointments and recently anti-viral prescription medicines have provide some relief but NO CURE.

Cold Sore Treatment

Dr. Stylos has Great News and can provide a cure in many cases! He has successfully treated cold sores for years with a “painless” soft tissue laser treatment that take under 2 minutes and requires no needles! The technique can eliminate the viruses which cause these lesions over time. Each subsequent outbreak is smaller, less painful and takes a shorter amount of time it takes to heal. Best of all, the person will feel IMMEDIATE RELIEF from the painful symptoms with each treatment! Finally, there is an overall cost savings when you add up all the times to eliminate buying all the expensive and ineffective remedies that just do nothing more keep you buying more. Give us a call, you will be smiling when you leave here!