BOTOX® Injections for Patients Across the Greater Merrimack Valley

Are you looking for a reputable provider offering BOTOX injections in the Greater Merrimack Valley? Your search can end with Smiles by Stylos Dental Health & Sleep Center. Since our dentistry practice was founded in 1987, we’ve earned a reputation for always supplying patients with a stellar care experience, and we’re pleased to administer BOTOX injections and various other cosmetic treatments at our office in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

What Are the Benefits of BOTOX?

Many people use BOTOX to smooth the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but did you know that these injections offer numerous other benefits? For example, with regard to dental care, BOTOX can help:

  • Relieve the symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) by relaxing the muscles that control the jaw
  • Improve the fit of dentures by loosening the lip muscles
  • Ease teeth grinding (bruxism) by relaxing the jaw muscles
  • Correct a high lip line (which can produce an overly gummy smile) by loosening the muscles surrounding the lips

What to Expect With BOTOX

BOTOX injections are quick and painless—although you might feel a brief stinging sensation—and there’s typically no downtime required afterward. You may experience slight swelling or bruising near the injection site, but that should subside within a few days. It often takes up to a week for BOTOX to produce noticeable results, but the benefits can last for several months.

Take the Next Step With BOTOX Cosmetics

If you think you could benefit from BOTOX injections, contact Smiles by Stylos today and schedule a consultation at our Chelmsford, MA, dental clinic. One of our knowledgeable team members can tell you more about our cosmetic treatments—in addition to BOTOX, we also offer dermal fillers—and answer any questions you might have. We proudly serve patients throughout the Greater Merrimack Valley, and we look forward to helping you achieve your treatment goals.

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